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DJ Rue (birth name Erin Aisha Rue) possesses a love for music and is equipped with an arsenal of creative talents crossing the spectrums of music, fashion, and entertainment! DJ Rues background in various styles of dance exposed her to different outlooks on how to feel music and the array of options that music and fashion blended together could have on audiences around the world.

Studying Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, and Ballet; DJ Rue now expands her talents as an artist, innovator, and creator of unique sounds into mastering and mixing music. Having already mixed at The Garden Theatre, and the NFL Draft Alumni Party; Rue is thrilled to expand her sounds locally & internationally. DJ Rues aspiration is to integrate sounds of music that resonate unity, diversity, and cultural expression.

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12" Vinyl


DJR knows how to move your mind, body and soul by delivering tracks that stand out from the norm. As if this impressive succession of high impact, floor-filling bombs wasn’t enough to sustain.


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